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Around The World In Eighty Days (Revised)

Around The World In Eighty Days (Revised)

Author(s) : Jules Verne

Travel and high on adventures, this book is especially appealing to young readers. Jules Verne’s intrepid travels take us both in time and place through strange environs — from the rescue of sati to a hair-raising confrontation with the marauding Sioux.

The readers travel with the hero, Mr Fogg, and his lovable manservant, to exotic lands and experience the thrill and excitement of the breakneck adventures.


Book Details

Jules Verne was born at Nantes, in France, on February 8, 1828. Jules had a great desire to travel from his childhood.

Jules Verne's father wanted his son to study law and sent him to Paris for that purpose. But Jules, instead, spent his time in the world of theatre, and even wrote some plays. He started visiting the public libraries to spend his time.

A wonderful new world, more fascinating than travel, opened up before him—the world of the natural sciences. Jules read avidly, he soon became a storehouse of boundless information, which was to become the foundation of his great success as a writer of science fiction.

A lucky chance brought him in contact with a person who was planning a trip across Europe in a balloon. Jules Verne entered into the scheme wholeheartedly. Though he could not go on the trip, he was inspired to write his first book Five Weeks in a Balloon, which was an instant success. He wrote his second book From Earth to the Moon, which was the first story to use the rocket principle. Its success was incredible. The public waited breathlessly for the sequel Round the Moon which described the space journey in detail. Jules Verne died at Amiens on 24th March 1905.

Today, more than a hundred years later, Jules Verne's books are as popular as ever. But what was conceived as fiction is fiction no more, for the development of science and technology has given them the stamp of reality.