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Caught Red-Handed

Caught Red-Handed

Author(s) : Kamlesh Mohindra

Mona-a girl from Delhi, goes out to live in a West African town, where her father is posted. She and her school friends, Javed, Cindy, Roger and Shegun have a super time basking in the golden sunshine of the rich blue African skies.

One day a dreadful piece of news reaches them and then begins a chain of similar, terrible, mysterious happenings.

“Our detectives are searching and they will not leave any nook and corner of this land,” the duty officer at the police station tries to console, but the gang of hard criminals with its tricky network is not easy to catch.

Read on to see how Mona and her friends solve the mystery and earn a good name for their school.

Book Details

Kamlesh Mohindra is an educationist associated with Sri Aurobindo Education Society. Specially written for children of 10+, this lively, novellete is an inspiration from the author's eight happily spent years in Lagos, where she taught in a well-known international primary school.