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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Author(s) : Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr. Henry Jekyll, a brilliant and respected doctor, is determined to prove his belief in the theory of split personality, that man is not one person but two.

He concocts a drug, tests it on himself and discovers a monster lurking within him—the evil, murderous Mr. Hyde who soon dominates his life.

Never failing to captivate the reader, this spine-chilling thriller is told with the skill and insight that R.L. Stevenson is so rightly famous for.

Book Details

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) wrote two of the best loved stories in the English language - Treasure Island and Kidnapped. His father and grand-father were Scottish lighthouse engineers. He himself was trained as a lawyer but never practised his profession. Ill health caused him to travel abroad and one of his first books was called Travels with a Donkey. His life was a long, brave fight against illness. He spent the last five years in Samoa, and died there, much loved by the island people.

Kidnapped is a fine adventure story, and Alan Breck, with his courage and chivalry, is a memorable creation. He belongs to the Stewart clan. The Stewarts were kings of both England and Scotland in the seventeenth century, but in 1688 the unpopular King James II was driven out by the English. However, many Scotsmen remained faithful to him and his descendants, and these loyalists were called Jacobites. They were rebels against the English King. Alan Breck in the story was a Jacobite (and was being hunted by the redcoats-the solders of the English King). In 1745, there was a Scottish rising in favour of James II's grandson, Prince Charles Edward. It was crushed by the, forces of King George II. Many of its leaders escaped to France, but six years after the rising, the time-in which Kidnapped is set, the people were still suffering the after effects of the uprising.