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Author(s) : Johanna Spyri

We cannot help but love Heidi, the orphan girl who brings sunshine into the lives of all those she meets. Living in a log cabin in the mountains of Switzerland, playing all day in the fields of daisies, she is completely happy. But her life suddenly changes. She is taken by her relatives to live in the city. How she hates it! She dreams of the day she can return to the mountains—and one day her dream comes true!

This timeless classic, Heidi, lives on and fills our hearts with laughter and tears.

Book Details

Johanna Spyri was born in 1827 in Hirzel, a small town in Switzerland near the city of Zurich. She was a girl of the Swiss Alps, as her house overlooked the magnificent mountains. Life was full of beauty and nature for her and inspired her to write about the joy of life in the mountainous terrain. She moved to the city of Zurich after marriage but yearned for her childhood home in the small village. This yearning is amply reflected in Heidi and in the several children's stories she wrote. Mrs Spyri died in 1901, but Heidi lives on as a touching and lively account of the joys of life in the Swiss Alps. Heidi has been translated into many languages and has also been produced for television, and made into a motion picture.