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Lives Of Destiny

Lives Of Destiny

Author(s) : R K Murthi

What makes heroes and heroines of normal humans? Is it exceptional courage? Love and compassion? Self sacrifice? Rare qualities of mind and body?

The stories in this book tell us what greatness is all about. Read on and find out for yourself how the heroes and heroines achieved greatness and notice that there are many routes to it. Only the really determined keep going till the very end. The reward is the halo of greatness.

Characters as diverse as Raja Jai Singh, Baiju, Sony. William Tell, Anne Frank and many more come alive in these pages to inspire you to greater heights.

Book Details

R.K. Murthi is a leading figure in the field of children's literature in India. He won the NCERT Award for his picture book Taming of Jumbo in 1985 and Saves! In 1997. He is a former Vice-President of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children, and is currently the Secretary-General of the Indian Society of Authors and Editor-in-Chief of Meghdutam, India's literary magazine on the net.