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The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe

Author(s) : Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe has all the ingredients of a first class adventure story—shipwreck, a young man alone on an uninhabited island, storms, dangers, cannibals and mutineers!

Daniel Defoe’s spellbinding account is based on the real-life adventures of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor, who was stranded on an uninhabited island, off the coast of Chile in 1704. He was finally rescued by an English ship after four and a half years.

Little wonder that nearly three hundred years later, this exciting story still continues to fascinate readers.

Book Details

Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660. He was not very educated and spent many years of his young life studying religion and later travelling as a merchant. He travelled widely and built up a successful business. During this period, he married and started raising a family. However, around 1692, his business failed and he fell into debt.


Since he had always been interested in politics, he tried to earn money by writing political articles for newspapers. But his political writings brought only troubles and increasing debts, and so Defoe turned to fiction writing. His first novel, written in 1719, when Defoe was nearly sixty years old, was to become one of the best known adventure stories in the world. That novel was Robinson Crusoe—a story which thrills readers even today, more than two hundred and fifty years later.


Robinson Crusoe brought Defoe great success and helped him pay back part of his debts. He continued writing novels such as Moll Flanders, Colonel Jack, and two other Robinson Crusoe stories, but none became as well known as the first one.


During his last years, Defoe was a sick, lonely old man, hunted by his creditors and abandoned by his ungrateful children. He died in 1731 at the age of 71.