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The Great Lottery Scandal And Other Stories (Revised)

The Great Lottery Scandal And Other Stories (Revised)

Author(s) : Nita Berry

Book Details

Nita Berry is a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction for children. Her writing has been published in a large number of newspapers and magazines and she has won several prizes for the same. At present, she is an editorial assistant for AWIC's quarterly journal, ';Writer and Illustrator.'

Devoted to writing for children and the study of children's literature, Dr Ira Saxena has written many books and short stories which have won awards in national competitions for children's literature. She writes in Hindi and English. She has represented India in conferences on children's literature in Switzerland, Canada, UK and India. As a child psychologist, she provides counselling and guidance.

Deepa Agarwal has been writing books for ten years, in both Hindi and English. She has won the NCERT National Award for Children's Literature. Her writing has been published by a number of well-known publishers.

Indira Ananthakrishnan is a sensitive writer of children's stories. She has won several awards for her collection of short stories, biographies, plays and picture books. She has done research on children's literature at the International Youth Library at Munich and is an active member of AWIC.

Born in Bihar, Nilima Jha did her graduation in English Literature from Ranchi University. She is deeply interested in children's literature and has been writing short stories for them in both Hindi and English. She is also actively associated with the AWIC journal.

As a writer of several mystery and adventure novels, short stories, plays, historical fiction and folk stories, Nilima Sinha has won several prizes for her extremely popular work. An avid story-writer, her special interests lie in Indian history and the environment.

Debashish Majumdar is a qualified Marketeer from England. He is an award-winning writer of children's stories and a well-known poet and playwright.

Dipavali Debroy has had her formal training in Economics and has also taught Economics at Santiniketan and Delhi. Apart from writing for children she is interested in ancient Indian Texts and mythology.