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The Jataka Tales

The Jataka Tales

Author(s) : Varsha Das

The Jataka Tales are stories from the Buddha’s previous lives. In one life the Buddha was born as a deer, in another a parrot, in yet another a Swan King and even as an extraordinary pony! In whatever form he took birth, he always reflected qualities of a compassionate noble soul…. Between the two brothers in ‘A Pouch of Thousand Coins’ he was the generous one and among the three friends in ‘A Lotus Garland’ he was the truthful one.

The present collection contains fifteen interesting stories, selected out of the eternal treasure of five hundred forty seven Jataka Tales.

Book Details

Dr Varsha Das, has been writing for children for the past forty years in Gujarati, Hindi and English. She has received several awards for her contribution to children's literature. She has also authored The Jataka Tales, published by Madhubun She practices Buddhist philosophy under the umbrella of Soka Gakkai