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The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson

Author(s) : Johann David Wyss

A close-knit, God-fearing Robinson family is shipwrecked and cast away on a deserted island.

They make the island their home and turn nature’s bounty to their advantage. Strange and exciting adventures follow with animals like lion, kangaroo, walrus, a menacing boa and exotic birds of colourful plumage. Mind you, in this fabulously imaginary island anything is possible!

Written 200 years ago, Johann David Wyss’ fascinating novel The Swiss Family Robinson remains an ageless classic.

Book Details

Little is known about the life of Johann David Wyss, except that he was born in Switzerland in 1781 and that after schooling, he attended various German universities. At twenty-five he was appointed Professor of Philosophy at the Academy of Berne. He was also Librarian-in-Chief and held both these posts until his death. He was a philosopher, pastor and educationist, but is best remembered for his children's book The Swiss Family Robinson, which, inspired by Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, was written in German and first published in Zurich in two parts in 1812-13. The book proved to be more popular in English and in French than in its original language, and is a classic of ';castaway literature.