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Commercial Applications

Mastering Commercial Applications for Classes IX and X is written in accordance with the latest ICSE syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The book is a New Age Text book which adopts a fresh and novel approach to the study of Commercial Applications.

Environmental Education

Environmental Studies: Understanding the World Around Us is a series of five books for classes 1 to 5 on Environmental Studies. The series strictly follows the new NCERT syllabus and the vision of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. The series introduces young learners to their environment. They also learn how to preserve it while reading the books. The books have been written in a child-friendly language and are supported by lively illustrations. The concepts have been explained ...

Foundation of Information Technology

Foundation of Information Technology is a judiciously developed series of textbooks on the syllabus devised by the Central Board of Secondary Education for classes 9 and 10. Keeping in mind the grasping power of the students, the books focus on the relevant theory and its applications and practical learning through sequential steps, rather than the elaborate textual study for chapters. Each book is divided into chapters that are self-explanatory and encompass the relevant concepts of the ...

Hindi Made Simple

हिंदी Made simple अभ्यास पुस्तिकाएँ ~B,v®B स्पर्श और संचयन पर आधारित हैं। इनका निर्माण छात्रों के बहु-कौशल (LSRW & HOTS) तथा बहु-बौद्धिक (M.I.) विकास के उद्देश्य के साथ किया गया है।...

Interactive Grammar

Author(s): J K Gangal, Madhulika Singh, Reviewer: Rajesh Dutta Interactive Grammar is a comprehensive book which enables the learners to use the knowledge of grammar functionally. The book has a Communicative English Approach. The grammar is interactive in nature and functional in approach. In this, the learners are not just expected to know grammatical definitions and rules but also their application.

Laboratory Manual for Mathematics

An important dictum of learning is that theoretical learning must always be supplemented by practical learning. This ensures proper understanding and comprehension besides better retention. It eliminates the phobia and makes learning fun. With this in mind the concept of activities in mathematics was introduced. This series of books caters to the above requirement. It is a sincere effort to sharpen the intellect through activity oriented learning to acquire mathematical skills and develop ...

Laboratory Manual for SCIENCE

The recommendations of National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF-2005) encourage experimental work for students of Science. It is a widely known fact that science is learnt best by doing.   Laboratory Manual for Science is a series of five books for classes 6 to 10. These are complimentary to the Science textbooks of the respective classes. The manuals cover a wide range of age-appropriate experiments that give hands-on experience to the students. The experiments help students verify ...

My Book of Life Skills and Values

This series strives to equip learners with the skills that make them responsible and sensitive members of society. It aims to inculcate a strong set of values in young minds, which in turn will help them make the right choices in life. 

Saral Vyakaran

यह व्याकरण माला ICSE के पाठ्यक्रम के आधार पर लिखी गई है। इस पुस्तक में व्याकरण को अभ्यासों के द्वारा सिखाने पर बल दिया गया है। भाषा के मानक रूप को उदाहरणों द्वारा स्पष्‍ट किया गया है। भाषा-कौशलों के विकास के लिए विविध गतिविधियाँ दी गई हैं। इसमें रचनात्मक अभिव्य‌क्‍ति के सभी रूपों का समावेश है। पुस्तक के अंत में एक Special Section में परिभाषाएँ—एक नज़र में, वर्तनी और वाक्य-रचना संबंधी सामान्य त्रुटियों को दिया गया है। बुद्धि-विलास के अंतर्गत भाषा का ज्ञान परीक्षण दिए जाने के...

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