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Author(s) : Gurpreet Bindra

CompKidz, computer learning series, based on Windows 7 with MS Office 2013 comprises of eight books for classes 1 to 8. This series has been developed using advanced pedagogical features for effective learning and retention. This carefully graded series is based on the step-by-step approach to learn various application tools of computer. These books contain lively illustrations, high-resolution screenshots and an ample number of questions for practice. Also, these books have been designed to keep pace with the latest technologies and the interests of the 21st century learners.

Series Details
Gurpreet Bindra, M.Sc (Computer Science), B.Ed, Educator, Resource person, Software developer and Head of Computer Resource Centre in a reputed public school in Delhi.
Compkidz – 1 by Gurpreet Bindra

Compkidz – 1

Gurpreet Bindra 9789352592876 Book For Series 215.00 Coursebook