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Log On To Computers

LOG ON TO COMPUTERS series consists of ten thoroughly revised and updated textbooks for classes 1–10. The books aim to help students master the use of various types of software and IT tools. The books have been designed to keep pace with the latest technologies and the interests of the 21st century learners.

The series is based on Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 and adopts an interactive approach to teach various concepts related to Computer Science.

The books for classes 1–5 focus on the basics of computers, Windows, MS Office, OpenSource software and programming language LOGO. However, the books for classes 6–8 encourage students to experience and explore more about programming languages like QBasic, HTML and Visual Basic, application software such as Photoshop, Flash and MS Office.

Series Details
Manjeet Jauhar
Manjeet Jauhar is a reputed academician presently working as the Head of Department, Computer Science at Gurukul Global School, Chandigarh. She has been awarded Commendation Certificate twice by Chandigarh Administration as a Teacher of Outstanding Merit.
Meera Aggarwal
Meera Aggarwal is an independent Educational Consultant and Author, with over 20 years of experience in academics as well as education policy, management and administration. She worked with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) to set up an in-house computerized examination processing system which is considered the best in the country so far.
Log On To Computers  - 1

Log On To Computers - 1

9789325971097 Book For Series 210.00 Coursebook
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Log On To Computers-Teachers Support book - 1

9789325972070 Teacher's Support Book Only for user
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