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Dreamcatcher (An English Reader)

Dreamcatcher (An English Reader)

Author(s) : Ruplekha Sengupta & Suchismita Raha

The Dreamcatcher series of English Readers knits selections from across the world, from every genre, every period into an unusual pattern. Each thread of this pattern tells a story which is unique, muchloved, and thoughtprovoking. Dreamcatcher encourages readers to understand and appreciate literature, and inspires further reading.The books for grades 1 to 8 adhere to the suggested language skill areas and themes defined by the new curriculum published by the CISCE.

Series Details
Dreamcatcher 1 to 4
Suchismita Raha has been an English teacher for over three decades. Currently, she is associated with St Thomas' Girls' School, Kolkata, as Senior English Teacher and Coordinator of English.
Dreamcatcher 5 to 8
Ruplekha Sengupta has been an English teacher at South Point High School, Kolkata, for over 30 years. She has served the school in various capacities. Currently, she is the coordinator of the Higher Secondary Section of the school.
Dreamcatcher 6 by Ruplekha Sengupta

Dreamcatcher 6

Ruplekha Sengupta 9789352712816 Book For Series 240.00 Coursebook