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My Book of Patterns

My Book of Patterns

Author(s) : Meenakshi Khetrapal, Mondira Bharadwaj, Neelam Raitani & Sudha Ahuja

My Book of Patterns is a set of 2 books that aim to develop writing skills in a thorough and systematic approach taking the child through all the basic movements essential for writing, e.g. horizontal and vertical lines, circles, diagonals and crosses. In each section, the child begins with simple hand movements gradually moving on to more difficult ones.

Series Details
  • This series on patterns provides a thorough and systematic base for developing natural and correct hand movements—a first step towards the writing process
  • Offers an assortment of drawing and colouring exercises
  • Ideal for pre-schoolers and also for older children with writing difficulties
  • Book 0 lays the foundation for basic hand movements—horizontal, vertical, circular, diagonal and cross, assisted by arrows and red/green signals
  • Book 1 reinforces these patterns and familiarises children with various shapes needed to form the letters of the alphabet
My Book Of Patterns-0

My Book Of Patterns-0

9780706999334 Book For Series 135.00 Coursebook
My Book Of Patterns-1

My Book Of Patterns-1

9780706999204 Book For Series 110.00 Coursebook
My First Step To Patterns by Mondira Bharadwaj, Meenakshi Khetrapal, Neelam Raitani & Sudha Ahuja

My First Step To Patterns

Mondira Bharadwaj, Meenakshi Khetrapal, Neelam Raitani & Sudha Ahuja 9780706996555 Book For Series 130.00 Workbook/ Activity Book