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Mathematics Made Simple

Mathematics Made Simple

Author(s) : A R KUMAR

Mathematics Made Simple is a study material based on NCERT textbooks for Classes 6 to 8. The series is strictly based on the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework and will help students master to solve all the varieties of questions. This is a series of comprehensive practice books designed to help students understand and apply Mathematics in an interesting manner.

Series Details
A R Kumar
He is a resource person for NCERT withmore than two decades of experience in the field of education. He has authored and reviewed several books in the past. The current series endeavors to provide students a clear understanding of the basic Mathematics concepts, sharpen creative thinking and make Mathematics a joyful learning experience.
Mathematics Made Simple 6 by A R KUMAR

Mathematics Made Simple 6

A R KUMAR 9789352711130 Book For Series 200.00 Coursebook