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Author(s) : Lata Thergaonkar

Mathemind series consists of eight workbooks to be used alongside the existing textbooks of mathematics for classes 18. The books train the learners to do rapid calculations to acquire proficiency in mathematics. These books provide opportunity to apply various mathematical skills to different situations so as to make systematic thinking a way of life.

Series Details
Lata Thergaonkar is a renowned academician with more than two decades of experience in teaching mathematics. She has worked as Principal at Naval Public School, Visakhapatnam. She has also taught mathematics at various reputed institutions, like Army School, Jhansi; Army School, Kalimpong; St. Miras School, Pune and Sadhu Vaswani International School, Delhi.
Mathemind Practice In Mental Maths - 1 by Lata Thergaonkar

Mathemind Practice In Mental Maths - 1

Lata Thergaonkar 9788125917212 Book For Series 107.00 Workbook/ Activity Book