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Maths Ladder

Maths Ladder

Author(s) : Lata Thergaonkar

Maths Ladder comprises of eight practice books of Mental Maths for classes 1 to 8. This series will help the students acquire the requisite computational skills as well as retain these skills even in later years after passing out of school. To achieve proficiency in a subject like Mathematics, it is extremely important for a student to get sufficient practice, so as to understand and apply the various concepts he/she learns.

Series Details
Lata Thergaonkar
She is a renowned academician who has been associated with the field of education for the past 40 years. She has taught Mathematics at Primary, Middle and High School levels for more than 20 years, at various schools across the country and has held many administrative appointments too. Having conducted many workshops for teachers, she is fully conversant with the needs of both teachers and students alike.
Maths Ladder 1 by Lata Thergaonkar

Maths Ladder 1

Lata Thergaonkar 9789352712267 Book For Series 175.00 Coursebook