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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Author(s) : G Gautama, Rajini Krishnaswamy & Renita Abbi

Environmental Education series consists of ten well-written textbooks printed on eco-friendly paper for classes 1–10. This series covers the Environmental Education curriculum approved by the Hon. Supreme Court. It attempts to go beyond the usual facts and help children absorb the new, while reinforcing what is already learnt. The interactive approach adopted by the series makes the children active participants in the learning process.

Series Details

For Classes 1,2

Kamlesh Mohindra

Kamlesh Mohindra is a teacher trainer, a prolific author and a storyteller. She has been associated with Sri Aurobindo Educational Society, New Delhi for almost two decades.

Mahrukh Singh

Mahrukh Singh is a renowned educationist. She is the Director of Mussoorie International School, Uttarakhand.  She has also served as the Principal of The Mother's International School, New Delhi. She has been honoured with the prestigious ';National Award for Teachers'.


For Classes 3-5

Gayatri Moorthy

Gayatri Moorthy is an experienced author who has worked as a teacher of physics, chemistry and mathematics at middle and senior school level for many years. She has worked as Coordinator-Educational Planning Group at St. Xavier's School, Delhi. She has also worked as Consultant at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Delhi and at Bluebells School, New Delhi.


For Classes 6-8

Renita Abbi

Renita Abbi is a renowned educationist presently working as Primary Teacher -English at Amity Public School, Noida. She has also taught at Ryan International School, Noida and Tagore Public School, Jaipur.

Ranjini Krishnaswamy

Ranjini Krishnaswamy is the Director Principle of St. Gregorios High School, Mumbai. She is an educational consultant in turnaround strategies and startup ventures. In recognition of her contribution in the field of education, the Government of India conferred on her the 'National Award for Teachers / Principals' in 2009.


For Classes 9,10

G. Gautama

G.Gautama is the Director of Chennai Education Centre of Krishnamurthi Foundation of India (KFI). He possesses over 20 years of experience as an educationist and is known for his radical and humanistic approach towards education. Under his able leadership, numerous innovative programmes have been initiated and developed at The School, KFI. He has recently set up the Pathashala School with green infrastructure.

Raya Mitra

Raya Mitra is a reputed author in the field of environmental education. She holds a B.Sc. and a B. Ed.

Preeti Takle

Preeti Takle is an author with a wealth of experience behind her. She holds a B.Sc. and diploma in Environmental Education.

Environmental Education For Class  6 by Rajini Krishnaswamy & Renita Abbi

Environmental Education For Class 6

Rajini Krishnaswamy & Renita Abbi 9788125919629 Book For Series 200.00 Coursebook