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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies: Understanding the World Around Us is a series of five books for classes 1 to 5 on Environmental Studies. The series strictly follows the new NCERT syllabus and the vision of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. The series introduces young learners to their environment. They also learn how to preserve it while reading the books. The books have been written in a child-friendly language and are supported by lively illustrations. The concepts have been explained in a simple, clear and logical manner for better understanding.

Series Details
  • Getting Started!: Simple questions woven around the theme of the chapter
  • What are they called / How does it work / How many are they / Where do they occur: Additional facts and figures to make learning more interesting
  • Eco Voice: Suggestions for the learners to make them active contributors towards building a better environment
  • Let Us Recall: Quick recap of the chapter
  • Exercises: A variety of questions to encourage learners to observe, compare, predict or analyse different phenomena occurring around them
  • Let's have fun (from class 3 onwards): Activities to make learning an interesting experience
  • Life Skills: Questions designed to inculcate moral values among learners
  • Project (from class 3 onwards): Assignments to enable the learners to correlate EVS with their everyday life and to encourage application-based learning
  • Explore More (from class 3 onwards): Internet links for additional information, experiments and games related to the chapter
  • Case Studies (from class 3 onwards): Inspirational case studies or real life examples of people contributing towards building a better environment
  • Colourful inserts: Attractive 2-page spreads (Jungle Safari in Class 1 and Harvest Festivals in Class 2)
Environmental Studies -1

Environmental Studies -1

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