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Science Made Simple

Science Made Simple

Author(s) : Mansi Punni & Neha Gambhir

Science made Simple —A series of three books for classes 6 to 8 and is strictly based on the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework 2005. It focuses on helping learners to not only understand the questions but to also apply their understanding while solving other questions.

Series Details
Our authors are highly qualified educationists and have more than a decade of varied experience. Experts of their respective subjects, they have long years of varied experience. They have authored and reviewed many books. This series is based on the NCERT and NCF guidelines and offers the learners easy language and ample practice of all the topics.
Science Made Simple 6 by Mansi Punni & Neha Gambhir

Science Made Simple 6

Mansi Punni & Neha Gambhir 9789352711376 Book For Series 210.00 Coursebook