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Author(s) : Deepika Jain

The Geography series for class 3-5 broadly covers the guidelines of all the Boards. It also aims at stimulating young minds through the process of discovery learning. The books focus on the interdependence of human beings and nature. The series offers a unique skill-based programme for teaching Geography by imparting mapping, communication, comprehension, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Series Details

The author, Deepika Jain, is an Academic Consultant. The Consulting Editor of the series is Datta Roy, Headmistress, Cambridge School, Sriniwaspuri, New Delhi and Former Teacher Coordinator at St Mary's School, New Delhi.

Geography - 3 by Deepika Jain

Geography - 3

Deepika Jain 9788125925675 Book For Series 195.00 Coursebook