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Author(s) : Gita Duggal, Joyita Chakrabarti, Mary George, Pooja Bhatia & Savita Khanna

The Milestones series conforms to CBSE’s CCE scheme, strictly adhering to the NCERT syllabus. The text is crisp, easy to understand, interactive, informative and activity-based. The series motivates young minds to question, analyse, discuss and think logically. 

Series Details

Transitions 3 to 5
The author, Datta Roy, is former Principal of Shemrock International School, Faridabad and has taught at several schools. She specialises in conducting workshops on ';Innovative teaching techniques' and ';How to motivate children to study history'. 
Transitions 6 to 8
The authors of this series are Shiladitya Ghosh and Padma Vasvani. Shiladitya Ghosh is an Education Consultant and former Vice-Principal, Sri Ram School, Gurgaon. Padma Vasvani is former Principal, Hiranandani Foundation School, Mumbai. 
Transitions 9 to 10
Sheila Bhattacharya has taught history for 12 years at the secondary level. She has taught at Mayo College Ajmer and Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai.
Monica Bose has taught for 35 years at the secondary level. She was the Vice-Principal and Senior Academic Coordinator of pre-primary to class X (including History Department), Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai. She is a consultant for ICSE schools and also undertakes teacher training workshops. She is a member of Library Sub-Committee BNHS.

Milestones - 1 by Savita Khanna

Milestones - 1

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