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The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble

Author(s) : Baruna Roy Chowdhury & Rita Fernandez

The Blue Marble 3–8 is our new geography series mapped to the latest syllabus. It aims to create curiosity and generate interest in the minds of the learner to study the subject of geography. The chapters are carefully graded and the concepts are complemented by beautiful illustrations, vivid pictures and accurate maps and diagrams. The exercises are carefully structured to assess various skills.

Series Details
Classes 3 to 5
Rita Fernandez (Christ Church School, Mumbai)
Series Editor for Classes 6 to 8
Baruna Roy Chowdhury (La Martiniere, Kolkata)
The Blue Marble – 3 by Rita Fernandez

The Blue Marble – 3

Rita Fernandez 9789352593880 Book For Series 205.00 Coursebook