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Up and Aware

Up and Aware

Author(s) : Geetanjali Kumar, Jasleen Duggal & Tanya Luther

Up and Aware is a series in Life Skills and Value Education. It aims at imbibing the prescribed life skills and values in learners through kinaesthetic activities, stories, poems and craft work.

Series Details

Up and Aware Classes Primer to 2:
Ms Jasleen Duggal is the Founder and Teacher for Value Education Department, Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

Up and Aware Classes 3 to 5:
Geetanjali Kumar is a Counselling Psychologist and Life Skills Trainer. She is also a National Level Resource Person for CBSE.

Up and Aware Classes 6 to 8:
Tanya Luther is an MA in Psychology from Delhi University. She also holds a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Certification from the Delhi Psychiatry Centre and an Emotional Intelligence Certification from Six Seconds, USA.

Up and Aware Primary by Jasleen Duggal

Up and Aware Primary

Jasleen Duggal 9789352714773 Book For Series 175.00 Coursebook