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Easy ABC for Kindergarten

Redesigned with fresh illustrations in a bigger format, these popular pre-school books offer a smooth, friendly transition from writing big and small letters of the alphabet and phonic drill in Book 1 to phonic words and simple sentences in Book 2.


The Gokids Series Set is a complete pre-school kit for learners between 3-5 years of age. The series is based on the aspects of ‘Learning by Doing’ and ‘Learning through Play’. This series advocates that ‘Interest is the driving force for learning’ and that ‘Play is a happy learning experience’. All books in this series are age appropriate and well-graded.

Let's Learn ABC

It is a set of two pre-school workbooks that combines the essentials of an alphabet book and a picture dictionary. The revised edition is in a bigger format with improved illustrations.

My Book of Patterns

My Book of Patterns is a set of 2 books that aim to develop writing skills in a thorough and systematic approach taking the child through all the basic movements essential for writing, e.g. horizontal and vertical lines, circles, diagonals and crosses. In each section, the child begins with simple hand movements gradually moving on to more difficult ones.

My First Step to ABC and My Second Step to ...

It is a set of two innovative classroom-tested books that stimulates creativity and imagination in the young learners and instill in them the confidence to write. The first in the series, My First Step to ABC, introduces the big letters of the English alphabet while focusing on recognition, repetition and recall. The second book, My Second Step to Reading and Writing, gives further practice of big letters followed by introduction of small letters. Gradually, the child becomes more confident and ...

Nano Pre-School Series

The Nano Pre-school Series is an innovative Kindergarten series comprising a set of 8 books for today’s young learner taking the first steps towards acquiring basic skills and concepts

New Explorations

The New Explorations Series is a complete course in English which provides students a rich reading experience and enables them to be effective communicators in the English language.

Red Blue Orange

This popular series of activity worksheets are designed for 3 to 5 + year olds. The books stir curiosity, encourage logical thinking, inculcate right values and create awareness for the environment. Helpful tips, guidelines and poems connected to various themes are given for teachers and parents to ensure active and meaningful learning. The Red, Blue and Orange Books now come in a colourful revised format with an additional number of well-structured activities and a range of skills that lay a ...

Starter Set

This series is a complete pre-school kit of 9 books packaged attractively in three separate sets. The books are meant for Nursery and Kindergarten children, ages 3 to 5. Each set has 3 books. These 3 books include: Language Skills Number Skills General Environmental Awareness Together, these books provide a comprehensive introduction to pre-reading, pre-writing and number skills; language development, and cognitive awareness for each level

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