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Arts and Ideas

Arts & Ideas' (0A5) is a series of art and craft books that gives a platform to young artists to learn and master various techniques of art and display their creativity. The books in this series have been designed in accordance with the latest trends and practices and follow a graded pattern which makes them apt for school children. The innovative approach of the series gives an opportunity to learners to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and express them creatively. ...

Fun with Colours and Craft

This is a set of seven books to learn drawing, colouring and craftwork through a variety of tasks and themes to unleash the artist within each child!

How to Draw and Colour

A complete drawing and colouring series that promises hours of fun-filled learning!

Red Blue Orange

This popular series of activity worksheets are designed for 3 to 5 + year olds. The books stir curiosity, encourage logical thinking, inculcate right values and create awareness for the environment. Helpful tips, guidelines and poems connected to various themes are given for teachers and parents to ensure active and meaningful learning. The Red, Blue and Orange Books now come in a colourful revised format with an additional number of well-structured activities and a range of skills that lay a ...

Time to Colour and Talk

It is a colouring series for 3 to 6 year olds, which clubs big, bold, colourful pictures with talking points. The pictures foster visual awareness and the talking points stimulate language development and verbal expression

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