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CCE Made Simple

CCE Made Simple series is based on the latest CBSE guidelines that covers subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. The series has been designed in strict adherence to CCE pattern of questions for Formative and Summative assessment

Ganit Mathematics

Ganit Mathematics series consists of seven textbooks; two textbooks for Primer A, B and five textbooks for classes 1–5. The textbooks meet the requirements of the latest ICSE syllabus. The series has been developed to guide the young minds to observe and experience mathematics all around them. Each concept has been related to everyday life in order to develop a spirit of curiosity and discovery. Concepts are gradually built up with easy-to-follow steps and plenty of examples.

Laboratory Manual for Mathematics

An important dictum of learning is that theoretical learning must always be supplemented by practical learning. This ensures proper understanding and comprehension besides better retention. It eliminates the phobia and makes learning fun. With this in mind the concept of activities in mathematics was introduced. This series of books caters to the above requirement. It is a sincere effort to sharpen the intellect through activity oriented learning to acquire mathematical skills and develop ...

Madhubun Number Book

These books are designed and according to the age group of the learners. These classroom tested text -cum –workbooks involve an innovative approach to learning.  These books introduce number skills through interesting exercises. These books introduced variety of activities to make learning of numbers more interesting. Attractive layout and lively Illustrations of these books make learning of numbers more learner-friendly.


Mathemind series consists of eight workbooks to be used alongside the existing textbooks of mathematics for classes 1–8. The books train the learners to do rapid calculations to acquire proficiency in mathematics. These books provide opportunity to apply various mathematical skills to different situations so as to make systematic thinking a way of life.

My First Step To Numbers

These books are designed and according to the age group of the learners. These classroom tested text -cum –workbooks involve an innovative approach to learning.  These books Introduce pre number and number skills in a logical and leaner friendly manner. Play- method is used to introduce the basic mathematical concepts. These books involve plenty of colouring and fun activities. Lively Illustration of these books encourages observation, visual discrimination and eye-hand coordination ...

Nano Pre-School Series

The Nano Pre-school Series is an innovative Kindergarten series comprising a set of 8 books for today’s young learner taking the first steps towards acquiring basic skills and concepts

New Number Fun Maths Made Easy

New Number Fun Maths Made Easy is a series of seven Mathematics books for Primer A, B and classes 1 to 5. The series is based on: •     the NCERT syllabus and follows the vision of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 •     the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) approach The series emphasises on developing the thinking and reasoning skills among children. It connects mathematics with real-life situations. Books for Primer A, B, ...

Starter Set

This series is a complete pre-school kit of 9 books packaged attractively in three separate sets. The books are meant for Nursery and Kindergarten children, ages 3 to 5. Each set has 3 books. These 3 books include: Language Skills Number Skills General Environmental Awareness Together, these books provide a comprehensive introduction to pre-reading, pre-writing and number skills; language development, and cognitive awareness for each level

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