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Earthtrek Geography

Earthtrek, a NEW series in Geography for classes 3-8, based on the latest ICSE syllabus, aims at introducing and developing concepts of Geography in a captivating style. The books attempt to create curiosity and interest in the mind of the learners through interesting activities and map work.

Encompass Social Studies

Encompass is a series that aims to make the study of the part and the present a joyous learning experience.

New Milestones

The New Milestones series conforms to the requirements of CBSE, strictly adhering to the NCERT syllabus. The text is crisp, easy to understand, interactive, informative and activity-based. The series motivates young minds to question, analyse, discuss and think logically.

The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble 3–8 is our new geography series mapped to the latest syllabus. It aims to create curiosity and generate interest in the minds of the learner to study the subject of geography. The chapters are carefully graded and the concepts are complemented by beautiful illustrations, vivid pictures and accurate maps and diagrams. The exercises are carefully structured to assess various skills.


Transitions brings alive History and Civics for learners and transforms these subjects into an exciting journey. The books strictly follow the guidelines of the Inter State Board for Anglo-Indian Education and the ICSE Board. The series fosters a sense of history in young learners by reconstructing the past and introduces young minds to people and events from the past. It also makes students feel responsible towards their surroundings and fellow beings.

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