Child Psychology Workshop at Surat

posted by: 2018-Feb-15

A workshop on ‘Child Psychology and Current Trends’ was organised by Madhubun Educational Books at Gajera School – Katargram and Utran ( Surat ) on 15th and 16th December, 2017 respectively. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Neha Singh Chauhan. She addressed around 90 Teachers, Vice Principals and Principals at Gajera School, Katargram and around 80 Teachers, 11 Vice Principals and 2 Principals at Gajera School, Utran. Ms. Chauhan talked about Psychology at various stages of life, Basic Classroom problems while dealing with toddlers and teenagers, Ways by which the students could be handled, Managing emotions techniques with students and Various approaches which could be implemented with children with different psychologies. She involved the participants with individual and group activities.

The Principals found the workshop very informative, interesting and beneficial for Teachers.

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