Workshop On Discipline and Classroom Management

posted by: 2019-Apr-16

Madhubun Educational Books organised a workshop for the teachers of St. Paul’s School in Agartala, Tripura  on  16th April, 2019. The topic for the workshop was ‘ Discipline and Classroom Management’ which was attended by 80 teachers. Dr. Pulak Bhattacharya conducted the workshop. Though St Paul School is a very old ICSE school in  Agartala established since 1943, workshop of this kind was a rare event. All the teachers were very excited and  arranged for a very warm welcome. 

The Resource person started the workshop with warm-up activities preparing the teachers for the day-long session. Few handouts were given at the beginning of the session to let them recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and then plan their class activities accordingly. He stressed on the fact that the role of the teacher is continuously changing with time, technology playing an important role in making the work more challenging. Maintaining discipline inside the classroom without corporal punishment has become a very difficult task for the teacher.

Dr. Bhattacharya introduced the various ways by which classroom teaching can be made interactive. He shared various techniques and skills for classroom management. Some motivating videos were shown to the teachers. Various types of communication were discussed in details and how they can be used in classroom management. He stressed on the fact that proper communication is very important for effective teaching.

The workshop was very interactive. The Principal appreciated the Madhubun Team to have organised such an educative and interactive programme.

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