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The Water Babies

author: Charles Kingsley

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ISBN 9780706981599
For Age Group 7 - 10 Years
Pages 100
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miserable little chimney sweep, is magically transformed into a water baby and lives a charmed life with other water creatures. Through this beautiful and touching fantasy tale, Charles Kingsley turns a critical eye on the social practices of Victorians England and the follies of human nature. Written especially for the pleasure of his little son, Kingsley’s The Water Babies, continues to charm and delight children the world over.

About Author

Charles Kingsley was born in Devonshire, England, in 1819, into a middle class family of cultivated tastes. A delicate and precocious child, he began to write poems at the age of four.

In 1839 he joined Cambridge University and three years later became a priest. Farmers were facing a hard time in the country, and the poverty and squalor he saw all around made him a reformer.

He wrote five books, but his last two, Westward Hal in 1855, and The Water Babies in 1863 are the best remembered. The Water Babies has charmed and entertained thousands of children and has undoubtedly in many cases taught "what a fine thing it is to love truth, mercy, justice, courage, and all things noble and of good report."

In 1874, he went to America on a very popular lecture tour, but fell .seriously ill while there and died shortly after his return to England.

A gifted writer with a lively imagination, he is loved by children. Ironically, he is best remembered for his historical adventure stories and children's tales, and not for his bitter protests against social injustice.

About the Series

This series carries an impressive list of well-known classics for children in the age group 7 to 14 years. The aim of the series is to inculcate in children the habit of reading. It offers children an opportunity to enjoy reading stories that form a part of the classics of English Literature crafted by great writers.

  • It includes carefully selected tales, fables, classics and autobiographies adapted and designed to suit young readers and encourage the reading habit in them
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The Water Babies

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