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Jane Eyre

author: Charlotte Bronte

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ISBN 9780706992472
For Age Group 12 - 14 Years
Pages 176
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Jane Eyre, an orphan girl, finds a comfortable post of a governess at Thornfield Hall. Soon, she is enveloped in warmth and happiness as a beautiful relationship develops between her and the owner, Mr Rochester. Why is Jane compelled to leave Thornfield Hall? Who is the mysterious woman in the life of Mr Rochester? Does she find happiness again? Charlotte Brontë vividly captures the emotional turmoil, the ups and downs in the life of her lovable heroine in this all-engrossing classic.

About Author

Charlotte Bronte, the daughter of an Irish clergyman, was born on 21 April 1816 at Thornton, in Yorkshire, England.

She had two younger sisters, Emily and Anne, and a brother, Branwell. In 1820, the family moved to Haworth, a small village on the Yorkshire moors. Left motherless at a very early age, the children were brought up by their father, a good but austere man, who was incapable of understanding their imaginative natures.

When she was eight, Charlotte was sent to Cow in's Bridge School of which she later painted a gloomy picture in "Jane Eyre". Charlotte's life was filled with sorrow, and hardships. The sisters were forced to become governesses to earn a living. They planned to start a school of their own, and Charlotte and Emily went to Brussels to learn languages. It was here that Charlotte fell in love with M. Heger, and her novels The Professor and Vilatte are the outcome of her experiences in Brussels. Jane Eyre was Charlotte's second novel, and it was published in 1847 amidst wide acclaim. But her joy at her success was shortlived, for between September 1848 and May 1849 Charlotte's sisters and brother died. She spent the next few years alone with her father in the gloomy parsonage. In1854, she married her father's curate, and died nine months later.

About the Series

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This series carries an impressive list of well-known classics for children in the age group 7 to 14 years. The aim of the series is to inculcate in children the habit of reading. It offers children an opportunity to enjoy reading stories that form a part of the classics of English Literature crafted by great writers.

  • It includes carefully selected tales, fables, classics and autobiographies adapted and designed to suit young readers and encourage the reading habit in them
  • Fascinating tales of bravery, wit, wisdom, truth, justice and adventure inspire the right values in children, brought alive through illustrations
  • Includes vocabulary-building and comprehension exercises for better appreciation of literature
  • These are ideal for classrooms, libraries and personal collection

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Jane Eyre

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