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author: Oscar Wilde

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ISBN           9789325973503

Age             10 - 19 Years

Pages          88

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About Author

Oscar Fingal O' Flahertie Wills Wilde, or more succinctly Oscar Wilde, was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin. Oscar Wilde was an Anglo-Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and critic. He is regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of the Victorian Era. In his lifetime, he wrote nine plays, one novel, and numerous poems, short stories, and essays.From 1864 until 1871, Wilde attended school and thereafter studied classics at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1874, he went to Magdalen College, Oxford for another four years. During his studies, Wilde turned his attention to writing and oriented himself according to the aesthetics of Walter Horatio Pater and John Ruskin. Wilde was a proponent of the aesthetic movement, which emphasised aesthetic values more than moral or social themes. This doctrine is most clearly summarised in the phrase ';art for art's sake'. In 1878, he first received literary recognition for the poem ';Ravenna' and thereafter the Newdigate Prize. Wilde went to London after finishing his studies.During the following years in London, Wilde published many works, including a collection of fairy tales, ';The Happy Prince and Other Tales' in 1888 and ';The Picture of Dorian Gray' in 1891. He wrote a new book nearly very year until 1895. These were primarily satirical social comedies. The most well known are ';Lady Windermere's Fan' (1892), ';A Woman of No Importance' (1893), ';An Ideal Husband' (1895) and ';The Importance of Being Earnest' (1895); this last piece satirises the upper classes and is considered his best work. Oscar Wilde died on November 30, 1990 in Paris.

About the Series

The Canterville Ghost - 2014 (unabridged school edition) by Oscar Wilde. The CBSE has prescribed this novel as Long Reading Text under the Reading Project, for Grade XI.

Salient Features

  • Chapterwise
  • Summary
  • JAMs (In-text questions—unsolved) for better comprehension
  • Word meanings of unfamiliar and difficult words
  • Text and character-based questions on inference and interpretation
  • Notes on plot summary, character sketches and themes
  • Answers to chapterwise text and character-based questions
  • Solved questions
  • Attractive four coloured illustrations supporting the text

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