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Transitions 9 & 10

author: Sheila Bhattacharya & Monica Bose.

Supporting Material: Available

History and Civics

About Author

Sheila Bhattacharya has taught history for 12 years at the secondary level. She has taught at Mayo College Ajmer and Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai.

Monica Bose has taught for 35 years at the secondary level. She was the Vice-Principal and Senior Academic Coordinator of pre-primary to class X (including History Department), Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai. She is a consultant for ICSE schools and also undertakes teacher training workshops. She is a member of Library Sub-Committee BNHS

About the Series

Transitions 9-10 conform to the latest ICSE syllabus. The content has been carefully planned and crafted to ensure comprehensive coverage of the prescribed syllabi. The simple, clear, and smooth-flowing text enables learners to imagine, think, question and interpret logically the various transitions and crossroads in history. The Civics section explains the nuances of the political scene in a lucid and easy-to-follow style.

Salient Features

Transitions Book 9 and 10

  • In Focus: encapsulates the area of study in each chapter
  • Timelines: help place historical events in a proper chronological sequence
  • Move Forward: introduces the topic and probes prior knowledge
  • Add On: contains additional information and facts
  • Connecting Bridges: indicates parallel historical developments in other parts of the world
  • Time to Think: poses thought-provoking questions
  • Glossary: enhances the vocabulary of the learners
  • Picture Study: reinforces learning and improves retention
  • Webcharts: gives a short summary of the chapter 
  • Web Links: enable further exploration of topics
  • Root of the Word: explains the origin of key concepts in Civics
  • Model Test Papers: two test papers help in assessment 
  • Double Spreads: attractive infographics based on specific concepts

Supporting Material

  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Timeline widget
  • Digital dictionary
  • Concept-based game
  • i-book with interactivities
  • User-friendly test generator
  • Additional printable worksheets (with answer key)

Transitions 9

Transitions 9


Transitions 10

Transitions 10


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Transitions 9 & 10

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