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Traverse 6-8

author: Baruna Roy Chowdhury

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Geography for ICSE

About Author

Baruna Roy Chowdhury

About the Series

Traverse series for Classes 6–8 is based on the New Curriculum published by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for the Upper Primary Level. It is an effort to create curiosity and interest in the mind of the learners to study and enjoy the subject of Geography.


  • Mapped to the New Curriculum published by the CISCE for the Upper Primary Level
  • Interesting double spreads for important themes
  • Web charts for easy learning and recapitulation
  • Picture Study to enable recapitulation and gauge understanding in every lesson

Salient Features

  • Check In: for a quick glace on the points of focus
  • Let’s Take Off: chapter opening activity
  • Upgrade:  additional information
  • Cruise Along:  includes additional information and facts
  • Standby:  thought-provoking questions
  •  Touch Down:  variety of questions for thorough grasp of concepts
  • Photo Album:  picture-based activity to stimulate psychomotor domain
  • Life Skills:  present the learners  with real life scenarios to test various life skills
  • Explore More:  concept-based project to research, apply knowledge and gain hands on practice
  • Explore More:  concept-based project to research, apply knowledge and gain hands on practice
  • Travelogue:  chapter summary
  • Double Spreads:  attractive infographics based on specific concepts
  • Model Test Paper:  two model test papers with a variety of objective and subjective questions
  • Maps for Practice:  practice maps at the end of the book for reinforcement

Additional Features

For facilitators:

  • Teaching Resources (Print)
  • Lesson plans
  • Teaching strategies
  • Answer key for all exercises

Teaching Resources (Digital)

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Interactive maps
  • Digital dictionary
  • Concept-based game
  • i-book with interactivities
  • User-friendly test generator
  • Additional printable worksheets (with answer key)

Traverse 6

Traverse 6


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Traverse 7


Traverse 8

Traverse 8


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Traverse 6-8

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