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author: Chandrika Vedam

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Computer Applications (Subject Code-165) is a series of textbooks based on the latest syllabus announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for classes 9 and 10. Keeping in mind the grasping power of the students, we have developed these books that focus on the relevant theories and their applications and practical learning through sequential steps, rather than the elaborate textual study for chapters. Each book is divided into chapters that are self-explanatory and encompass the relevant concepts of the topic concerned. 

About Author

Chandrika Jaini Vedam is an experienced author and an avid writer. She has written more than 50 books on various topics for national and international curricula.
She has also worked as a PGT Lecturer (Computer Science) in Delhi for around a decade. Currently, she is working as a curriculum consultant based in Bengaluru.

About the Series

The book is written in a crisp and condensed manner for better readability and execution of the concepts learnt. The exercises at the end of the chapters call for active and attentive participation of the learners, thereby testing their knowledge and helping in self-assessment. The format of the questions appearing in CBSE exam papers has been followed in developing exercises in the book. The features of the books have been designed keeping in mind the efficacy and application of the concepts involved thereby enabling learners to get the most out of their study of this course.

The book enables the learner to:
1.    create a simple website
2.    learn to embed images, audio and video in an HTML page
3.    learn to use style sheets to beautify the web pages
4.    write iterative programs with Scratch and Python
5.    learn to interface a website with a web server and record the details of a user's request
6.    follow basic cyberethics
7.    familiarise with network concepts.

Salient Features

•    Learning Objectives: Each chapter begins with the learning objectives to make learning more focused
•    Introduction: Beginning of each chapter presents the context of the topic covered
•    Trivia: Additional facts related to the topic to enhance learners' knowledge
•    Tip: Short and handy information for quick grasp of key concepts
•    Check Bytes: In-text questions enabling learners toward logical and analytical thinking
•    Glossary: Important terms listed for easy recall
•    Summary: Main points covered in the chapter for quick recapitulation
•    Solved and Unsolved Assessments: Variety of solved and unsolved questions categorised into objective-type, theoretical and application-oriented along with select questions tagged as per the CBSE pattern
    o Objective-type questions: Multiple choice questions, Fill in the blanks, True/False
    o Theoretical Questions: Very short answer type questions, Short answer type questions, Long answer type questions
    o Application-oriented Questions: Questions to encourage students to focus on application-based learning
    o Hands-on Activity: In the lab activities that will enable learners attempt and experiment on their own
•    Appendix: Additional information about HTML Colour Names and Hex Values
•    CBSE Lab Exercises & Projects: Solved CBSE prescribed Lab Exercises and Projects

Supporting Material

•    Web support: providing source codes for the lab exercises and projects given in the book. These are available at




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