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A Writer’s Canvas

author: Rashmi Rekha Arya, Vaijayanti Savant Tonpe

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A Writer’s Canvas is a step-by-step creative writing experience which has a systematic and structured approach to writing. A set of four books that are graded for Classes I-VIII with age appropriate topics and simple language, forms the basis of creative writing

About Author

Book 1, 2 and 3
Rashmi Rekha Arya (MA English, B Ed) Consultant, Content Provider and Instructor of English Language, Ex-teacher, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Delhi

Book 4
Vaijayanti Savant Tonpe (MA English Literature, Diploma in Journalism) A freelance writer and editor of children's books, actively engaged in creative writing workshops, author interactions, storytelling sessions and reading promotion activities in schools all over India.

About the Series

Salient Features

  • graded for classes I-VIII learners with age-appropriate topics in simple language
  • illustrated interactive series to acquaint the learners with different forms of writing
  • research and enquiry-based method to gather information
  • Starting Point to give a brief introduction to the topic
  • Building Blocks to clearly state and define the learning outcomes
  • Weaving the Elements to introduce learners to various elements woven into a topic and their explanation
  • Legs to Stand On to give step-by-step instructions for writing picture stories, picture composition, comprehension, paragraphs, essays, letters, stories, journals, poems, notices, reports, articles, messages, advertisements and dialogue writing
  • Examples that explain the topic and serve as a guide to a clear and effective writing
  • Exercises to pen down one's thoughts and feelings and to explore creativity
  • Graphic Organisers to map out thoughts and ideas in a systematic manner
  • Checklists to ensure that all important points have been addressed

A Writer’s Canvas Book 1 (for Classes I and II)

Creative Writing


A Writer’s Canvas Book 2 (for Classes III and IV)

Creative Writing


A Writer’s Canvas Book 3 (for Classes V and VI)

Creative Writing


A Writer's Canvas Book 4 (for Classes VII and VIII)

Creative Writing


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A Writer’s Canvas

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