Teacher Resource Center

Every teacher should realise the dignity of his calling   - John Dewey

Web Support for Humanities (English and Social Studies/Science), Mathematics, Science and Computers - uploaded every three months (March, June, September and December)

Teaching is the most noble of all professions. By studying the sciences, developing love and sensitivity for the arts and recreating the histories the individual can progress beyond themselves.

The responsibility of passing on this knowledge to each new generation in a manner that may be assimilated, remembered and implemented upon belongs to the teacher.

Today, teachers are viewed as a gifted few who possess not only the knowledge but the desire and wisdom to perform within difficult constraints.

At Madhubun Educational Books, this partnership in education motivates us to provide Support Elements which will assist teachers in oiling the teaching—learning machinery.

We endeavor to empower the teacher through

  • Teacher’s Support Books
  • Audio CDs for Listening Activities
  • E-books for visual text read and reinforcement
  • Web Support with Question Banks and Answer Sheets for teachers.

Be sure to contact us at: info@madhubunbooks.com for your unique username and passcode or get in touch with the local representative of Madhubun Educational Books and he/she will assist you.

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