New Number Fun Maths Made Easy

author: Alka Rati Bakshi, A R Kumar

New Number Fun Maths Made Easy is a series of ten Mathematics books for Primer A, B and classes 1 to 8. The series is based on the NCERT syllabus and follows the vision of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005.

The series emphasises on developing the thinking and reasoning skills among children. It connects mathematics with real-life situations. Books for Primer A, B, classes 1 and 2 are in workbook format. Enough practice has been provided so that children can master the subject.

Targeting Mathematics

author: Pearl Scott, Sheetal Chaudhery, Shanti Dhulia, Lata Thergaonkar

Targeting Mathematics series consists of nine textbooks; one for Primer and eight textbooks for classes 1–8. These books have been formulated strictly in accordance with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and are based on the latest syllabus. The series also conforms to the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework 2005. The books have been written by experienced and renowned authors.

Understanding Mathematics

author: C. Sailaja, Smita Ratish, Lata Wishram

Understanding Mathematics is a carefully written series of mathematics to help students encourage the study of mathematics in the best interactive form. It contains ample practice material, attractive illustrations and real-life examples for the students to relate the topics with their everyday life. Special care has been taken while teaching topics like geometry and probability to the students. Keeping in mind the development status and comprehension level of students, the text has been presented in a well graded manner.

Let’s Think and Learn: A Practice Book for Enhancing Creative and Critical Thinking

author: Pooja Agarwal, Roopam Keshav, Gurpreet Kaur

Let's Think and Learn is a three-book practice book series in mathematics for classes 3 to 8. It has been specifically designed in response to fulfil the need to develop and hone higher-order thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, etc. in the classrooms of the 21st century.

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