Science & EVS

Environmental Studies (ICSE Edition)

author: Madhubunbooks

Environmental Studies: Understanding the World Around Us is a series of five books for classes 1 to 5 on Environmental Studies. The series strictly follows the new NCERT syllabus and the vision of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005. The series introduces young learners to their environment. They also learn how to preserve it while reading the books. The books have been written in a child-friendly language and are supported by lively illustrations. The concepts have been explained in a simple, clear and logical manner for better understanding.

Environmental Education

author: Renita Abbi, Ranjini Krishnaswamy, G. Gautama, Raya Mitra, Preeti Takle

Environmental Education series consists of ten well-written textbooks printed on eco-friendly paper for classes 6-10. This series covers the Environmental Education curriculum approved by the Hon. Supreme Court. It attempts to go beyond the usual facts and help children absorb the new, while reinforcing what is already learnt. The interactive approach adopted by the series makes the children active participants in the learning process.

The Science Time

author: Alka Anthony, Jenifer Robinson

The Science Time series is written for developing a scientific outlook in the students. We have put in our best efforts while developing these books keeping in mind the psychological requirements of the students as well as the pedagogical aspirations of the teachers

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